Music inherent in his genes, Maris Vijay began learning the piano from the tender age of six. When children of his age played with toys. Maris Vijay played (with) the piano music became his life and career.

When he turned eight, he started playing in school concerts and churches, which included the conduct of choirs enthralling the listeners. Obtaining his grades from TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC LONDON, At the age of sixteen, sequencing for jingles, short films, gospel and devotional songs became his forte. He went on to play the keyboard for many music directors in Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam films as a sequencer and programmer, his talents have been realized and acclaimed by many music directors both in cinema and television. Maris Vijay has also excelled in bringing out commercial albums in Hindi, Tamil and English.

In his march towards excellence in the exalted field of music, his rich experience in recording, mixing sequencing, and composing has helped him blossom as a music director in his own right.

The Indian cinema has always acknowledged and appreciated merit and Maris Vijay with his love for music, his dedication, commitment, and hard work is sure to carve a niche for himself in the world of music.


Maris Vijay ( born 31 May 1982 ) is an Indian film composer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He composes many Christian gospel albums and soundtracks predominantly for Tamil films and Hollywood scoring, while also having composed for a few films in Tamil  and in Hindi

Maris Vijay initially composed scores for different documentaries and jingles for advertisements and Indian television channels.


He has been honored with best music programmer(India) Award from United Kingdom ( London)  for Sambavii Saranam

He was bestowed with Honorary Doctorate in Music from  the Academy of Universal Global Peace (Affiliated to United Nation Academic Impact /Global Compact ) for his significant contributions to the music field.


Miracle Music was originally established in 2002 as a music production Company by J.S Maris Vijay. He recorded many Local, National, Internationally released albums and have done countless demo tapes in the Christian Devotional and Commercial field inclusive of all kinds of Musical Works and Cinema.

And Miracle Music Production Company has established its Recording Theatre in the name of MIRACLE WAVES in 2011.

with the latest technology allowing us to record, edit and manipulate audio with a higher quality, faster than ever before. His studio is designed to maximize efficiency and creativity and it’s well equipped with the latest technology. He has an engineer in-house to work at our facility.

Now he started a new studio with upgraded hardware’s and spec’s with 5.1 Surround Monitors & Analog Gears with High Tech Interiors, 120 lightning colors, multiple recording rooms and car park as Trinity Waves Studio in Ashok Nagar which was inaugurated by Kalaipuli S  Thanu


Maris Vijay opened a new studio on 10 th March 2017, called ” TRINITY WAVES “. The studio consists of the latest audio recording systems and technology. The first song produced from the studio sung by 67th National Film Awards Savaniee Ravindra for song Thollai Kashtangal Release at M-Muzik Official.

The Villavan soundtrack was entirely composed in this studio and all his future projects will be completed at “TRINITY WAVES ” as well.


Maris Vijay created the new production label called M-Muzik Official YouTube Channel is the biggest platform for all the Independent Artists around the World to showcase their works and the Best Destination for all.

Many international Artist Collaborated in M-Muzik Official


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